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Errol Toran, Dr T, teaching the Anatomy Comprehensive in Florence Italy

Welcome to 
Dr T's Anatomies

Anatomy is the study of our bodily structures.

Our goal is to help you understand how those structures have evolved and in many cases adapted into the biological machines we inhabit.


We provide Movement Educators with practical information to keep it running optimally, as well as discuss what happens if it is neglected or abused.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

To protect the health of educators and students efforts, we are limiting "in-person" numbers to COVID Indoor Standards as established by NYS and NYC.


We have upgraded ventilation and enforce correct mask placement and usage in addition to physical distancing. Click here to learn more about how we’re keeping our Education Annex safe. 

Fan Favorites

These are workshops I've taught in the past and are now back in the rotation. See if any of them resonate with where you are now.

Virtual Events

Some of our workshops are hybrid and others are purely virtual. All will be intimate and provide a ton of actionable information.

Deep concentration as a DrTsAnatomies student builds the neck musculature

About Our Workshops

In these workshops you learn more than where each muscle begins and ends. You will learn how structural integrity can maintain global musculoskeletal wellness and how loss of this integrity will lead to injury and pathology.

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