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The Neurology of Pilates: 6 hour

“You know after my Pilates class, I just feel good.”?.........are you curious why?

The Pilates Method and Teachers impact the nervous system and general wellness.

Once you understand this information it can used to efficiently benefit your clients.

The 6 hour lecture:

Everything in the 3 hour workshop and we include in addition:

  • Memory - How and where memories are created and stored. We discuss the role memories play in motor learning and goal setting. Avoidance behavior and psycho-physical performance challenges are also discussed

  • Brain Changes caused By Learning - What are the physical parts of the brain a Pilates teacher can facilitate in order to improve client performance.

  • Importance Of Sleep - The critical importance of rest and, in particular, sleep on long term muscle learning.

  • Imagery – How and Where - Cuing with images that resonate with the client, vastly improve the ability of the client to prepare and follow the flow of the Pilates movements being taught. Understanding these connections, allows the teacher to target and improve individualized movement strategies.

Pilates is NOT an exercise,

it IS however, a health and wellness system that USES exercise as a tool.

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