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The Shoulder

A Pilate Based Review

You, The Pilates Teacher, Can Profoundly Improve Shoulder Function:

The Shoulder Girdle is one of the most complex joint systems in the body and is particularly vulnerable to instability and subsequent injury.


Designed for mobility, the scapulothoracic and glenohumeral joints are completely dependent upon adequate strength and appropriate muscular organization and balance to maintain optimal function.



In this workshop:

  • 3-Hr - We review the functional anatomy of the shoulder and pectoral girdle and then correlate them with the associated slings and fascial lines..

  • We start with the stabilization of the rotator cuff and shoulder blade then work our way out to the superficial muscles and slings learning how they synergistically work together to affect all the movements of the arm.

  • 8-Hr - We build the musculature and fascial connections out of clay

  • We cover systematic conditioning protocols in a Pilates environment.

  • We reinforce the learning process by actively moving on Pilates equipment using the specific pre-Pilates and advanced exercises needed to condition the upper extremity and fully integrate it into full body movement.


You will never forget the muscles of the shoulder!


This is a 3 or 8 hour Lecture and Movement course. The difference is that you can observe the build for an additional fee, and you do the build in the 8 hour. Additionally, we cover related therapeutic exercises in the 8 hour course.

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