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One of the most common questions is: “What is the lumbar neutral spine and when is it appropriate in Pilates movement?”

In this workshop:

  • Neutral Spine - what is it? what is the relationship to pelvis, thorax and cervical spine

  • We review the osseous structures, muscular actions and fascial attachments

  • Anatomical considerations of the lumbar lordosis under load are explored, 

  • Traditional Pilates - imprinting what is it? Why is it such an integral part of traditional Pilates?

  • Working in neutral spine - What does that mean? When it is appropriate and when not? Why is it a focus now?

  • What are the consequences of working poorly? Degeneration, muscular imbalance, pelvic torque, and global compensation

  • What exercises are in neutral and which not? And which can be both depending on the challenge desired?

This is a 6 hour workshop that includes Lecture, building and movement.

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