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Errol Toran, D.C., Dr T explaining how Pilates balances the muscles to DrTsAnatomies students

Dr T's Anatomies

In these workshops you learn more than where each muscle begins and ends. You will learn how structural integrity can maintain global musculoskeletal wellness and how loss of this integrity will lead to injury and pathology.


As a movement educator and Pilates practitioner, Dr T. endeavors to correlate how The Pilates Method provides both muscular conditioning and neurologic retraining which results in the beneficial results Pilates teachers and physical therapists see every day.

Staff Members

"I don't want to teach anatomy, I want to teach movement through anatomy"

Dr. T.


Errol Toran, D.C.

Anatomy Master Educator

Ann Toran

Core Curriculum Master Educator and Reformer Queen

Vivian Del Valle

Beloved Office Manager

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