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Pilates and
The Neutral Neck

Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Tension, Shooting Pain or Numbness down the arms are all symptoms attributable to manageable neck problems.

We define the “Neutral Neck” and cover the related neck anatomy and motion in detail including:

  • The boney structures and musculature

  • Joints and how their orientation defines functional movement

  • The loading forces on the cervical spine in a variety of physical activities (including: dance, running, sitting at a computer and “working” on a cell phone)

  • The effects of well-balanced loading and the negative effects of poor loading and biomechanics

  • The symptoms that indicate deteriorating neck function and degenerative conditions

We then cover the rationale to maintain a “Neutral Neck” and the amazing benefits Pilates Method will provide. I have selected several Pilates based movement patterns to:

  • Develop balanced musculature

  • Rehabilitate

  • Manage

  • Maintain

the “Neutral Neck”.

We all have heard of the “neutral lumbar spine” but the Pilates Method is sadly lacking in repertoire to support the cervical spine.

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