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The Neurology of Pilates 3 Hour 

“You know after my Pilates class, I just feel good.”?.........are you curious why?


The Pilates Method...Why It Works So Well And Makes You Feel So Good.......

The objective of this presentation is to defend and substantiate the concept of Contrology (the foundation of the Pilates Method).

 The 3 hour lecture:

The journey begins with neurology basics

  • how do nerves work

  • how are the spinal nerves are arranged

  • how is the brain is mapped 

We look at the health benefits derived through the movement patterns of the Pilates Method as they relate to 

  • arthritis and degeneration

  • numbness and referred pain

  • organ function

  • overall health and wellbeing

This to me is the most important presentation I do because I feel that the “essence” of Pilates is being forgotten. 

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