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Anatomy Slings and Trains

Our focus of the S and T workshops are the musculofascial connections and how they balance one another, as well as how they seamlessly transfer movement forces through the body.

In this workshop we:

  • The students explore several Fascial Lines conceptually from a PowerPoint presentation as well as on the mat and reformer.

  • The relevant anatomy is discussed and palpated in teams of two or three where they explore the trains on one another. Virtual participants work alone.

  • We palpate and trace the lines in a variety of positions on the body live in movement scenarios. 

  • Once the experiential movement is completed the students go about building the muscles and fascial lines on the Skeleton.

The students will get the benefit of seeing the fascial lines in both the anatomical positioning and in movement. 

This can be a one or two day course depending upon the structures covered. Each course will be specifically defined. 

Based upon the work of: Thomas Meyers

Strongly suggested text: Anatomy Trains

Images from: Anatomy Trains

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