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Pelvic Floor-
The Unsung Hero

The Pelvic Floor in a Cup: everything you didn’t know you need to know!

Many of the muscles serve dual roles in movement, general health and wellbeing in addition to the role of pelvic stabilizer. This course is a combination of lecture and clay creation.

This Workshop:

  • The first hour is spent covering all aspects of the pelvic floor. We cover the development and migration of the embryonic tissues in order to see the relationship of the pelvic floor to the surrounding structures.

  • With that foundation, during the second hour, we build the pelvic floor musculature out of clay and discuss the role of each muscle in the overall function. The students will also get the benefit of seeing the musculature in the anatomical position of activity in addition to discuss them in conceptually.

  • For the third hour, we examine the role of the pelvic floor in breathing, movement, stabilization and pregnancy.

The Pelvic Floor is the unsung hero of core stability. 

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