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Our Workshops

Our Workshops have been completely re-envisioned in order to adapt to the challenging COVID learning environment. We have everything possible to make our workshops more engaging and flow optimally as you work from home.

We have:

- Scheduled to minimally impact working hours

- Reformatted the workshop material for virtual usage

- Now allowed for more movement study as we build

Our workshops are also ideal for Clients and Non Professionals. You will learn a lot about how your body works and how to improve your participation in movement related activities.


Here you will find the full catalogue of Pilates related workshops. The Pilates Method is uniquely capable of balancing and reinvigoration your muscular synergy and function. Both Teacher and clients have benefitted by these workshops over the years.


Here you will find the full catalogue of Cycling related workshops. These are targeted workshops for All who ride, indoors and out. Most common problems are related to how your muscles are organized and balanced. Learn which muscles are involved and how to get the most out of them.


Dancers are athletes....with a beautiful line.
Dancers generally focus on the line and often neglect the athleticism. Often this is simply because they were never exposed to the science and functional anatomy.

These workshops are focused on bridging that chasm.. ​They are meant for the Dancer, Dance Teacher and Dance Therapist.

High School Programs

Originally conceived as an after school program, it has been redesigned as both a Virtual and Interactive instruction. 

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