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Comprehensive Anatomy Prerequisite 

This information relates to the virtual course as well as the 3-day in-person Pilates Prerequisite / Balanced Body Ai3D equivalent.

In this workshop we:

We explore new paradigms related to fascial bio-tensegrity

We introduce the work of Thomas Meyers and Philip Beach as movement concepts. We discuss the mechanisms of breathing and muscular organization as they relate to the exercises of the Pilates Method.

You will learn how structural integrity can maintain global musculoskeletal wellness and how loss of this integrity will lead to injury and pathology.


As a Pilates educator and practitioner, Dr T. endeavors to correlate how The Pilates Method provides both muscular conditioning and neurologic retraining which results in the beneficial results Pilates teachers see every day.

In this course you learn more than where each muscle begins and ends.

Each following day will begin with a lecture portion and then more building.

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